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Squid Game




Squid Game: Greenlight Redlight is a scary survival game. Contestants in green uniforms, deadly competitions, a brutal control team in red uniforms!

How to play;

In the game adapted from the movie, we will fight for survival by winning the competitions. The first game will be the race to reach the end of the road without getting caught by the giant statue. Run when the statue turns around, stand still when it looks at you; or you will be shot. The given time is 1 minute; hurry up. The second game is to make shapes in the candy. Try to remove the shape with the needle. The third game is the tug-of-war competition. You have to pull the opposing team and drop them off the bridge. The fourth game is the ball throwing race. Try to throw the ball into the hole in the sand. The final game is the race to cross the glass bridge. Follow the path shown to you at the beginning, these are unbreakable glass; If you press the others, you will be broken and fall down.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Squid Game