Move your mouse to the upper right corner for full screen settings โ†—

Jailbreak: Prison Escape 3D


W,A,S,D or Arrow keys: move
Mouse: camera
G: camera mode
Space: jump
Shift: run
F: sit
1-5: dance
C: applaud
T: reactions
Dot(.): chat
Esc: unlock mouse cursor


Jailbreak: Prison Escape 3D is an online game in which you participate simultaneously with other players. The guards are already on alert!

How to play;

You are in a high-protection prison where the most notorious criminals are kept. Locked iron gates, security cameras and numerous guards on duty. However, there are many ways to escape from here expertly. Cameras and security guards can only detect you from certain angles. Opening locked doors depends on finding the key. You can hide behind things so the guards don't see you. When you get an opportunity to move forward, you must take it. An escape plan implemented coldly is always one step closer to success.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Jailbreak: Prison Escape 3D