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Sniper Clash 3D


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse: shoot
Space: jump
C: crouch
L: hide mouse cursor
Tab: score table


Sniper Clash 3D is a multiplayer, capture the flag war game. Two teams of snipers battle each other to capture the opposing flag.

How to play;

Press the Continue button; If this part gets stuck, turn off the ad blocker and refresh the page. Then, when you click on the arrow button, it will connect to the game and wait for the opponent players to join. The aim of the game is to be the team with the most points. If we can take the opponent is flag and bring it to where our flag is, we will get 15 points.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Sniper Clash 3D