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Village Builder


Mouse: to construct
Left mouse button or W,A,S;D: move
Right mouse button or Q,E,R,F: camera
Mouse Wheel: zoom


Village Builder is a 3D simulation game where we can freely plan and build our own city. Whatever city you want, build it immediately as you plan.

How to play;

Before we design an object, we want to know exactly what it will look like in its final form, but we often don't. That's how things are in city design, it doesn't always go as planned. Roads and rivers will appear before us; Of course, we have already taken these into account. But the city will not develop as we would like. Because each structure will want to evolve in a direction according to its own needs. That's why planning is so important; The most important thing is to have different options ready for different possibilities. In this simulation, we cannot build buildings everywhere. For example, houses should be on the side of the road. The mill requires water, the woodsman requires trees. Choose a build from the bottom and place it wherever you want. Areas that can be placed will be indicated in blue. As your city evolves, different structures and building levels will appear.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Village Builder