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Sky Force 2: The Comeback


Mouse: move
Mouse buttons: shot


Sky Force 2: The Comeback is a classic shoot em up game based on star-collecting, where you fight and destroy enemies in space with a warship.

How to play;

You can customize the controls of the game before you start. Open the settings page from the plus button in the lower left corner. You can choose the Movement and Fire settings as you wish. It would be very useful to set the firing to automatic. Passing the levels in the game is relatively easy, though. But unlocking the level is very difficult. There are certain conditions to unlock levels; It's like having a certain number of medals. Medals are earned as follows; Complete all rescue missions, destroy all enemy units, complete the level without damage and collect a certain number of stars. Your warship must have sufficient weapon power to complete these missions. Upgrade your warship's weapon systems with the points you earn. You may have to play some levels over and over; It may take a long time to reach the required weapon capacity to destroy all enemies!


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.

Original Name;

Sky Force: The Comeback


Sky Force 2: The Comeback