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Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1




Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1, that is, level 7, is a room escape game that defies logic and contains cleverly designed puzzles. Follow the hints step by step.

How to play;

Each puzzle is created to follow the previous one. This means: You cannot move on to the next puzzle without solving the first puzzle. Figuring out where to start can be a little complicated. So we'll give you some hints. Here you will find a complete solution and get all the answers.

First, go to the radio and take the ball on it. Then rotate the glass-lined box; You will see that the glass on the right side is broken. Send the ball you just found into that opening. So, you will be given a screwdriver from the lid of the box, take it immediately. Go to the electrical panel next to the door and use the screwdriver to open it. Change your perspective by dragging the screen with your mouse; You will find a spatula there, take that too. Go to the fan on the wall; Press the buttons on it once from left to right and from right to left, the cover will open. There will be an iron crowbar inside, take that too. Go to the safe and use this crowbar to open it. Take the playing card from the safe.

Go to the rusty door on the floor and look down at the hole in the middle. Inside you will be shown a special view of the door. You will see that the block of stone just above the eagle is brighter than the others. Now go to the door and click on the stone block shown. Then remove this stone with your spatula. There is a room on the other side with a working TV in it; We couldn't figure out what this does.

Now let's go to the safe again. You will see some square icons on the bricks in the case. When you look at it from the right angle, these will come together. Now use the brick you removed from the wall and place it in the right place to complete the missing part.

On the wall next to the safe, you will see a panel full of buttons. The red button will flash. This means that we will find the symbols related to red in the room and create the same in this panel. You will see this red icon on the wall to the right of the door. If you mark the boxes correctly, you will switch to yellow. The yellow icons are on the board on the wall just below the panel. However, some of it seems to be missing; Click on the board and swipe left to reveal the missing piece. Create the resulting shape on the electronic panel and switch to green color. Green symbols are on boards on the ground; But you have to click on the boards and reveal the invisible ones so that they form a complete whole. Likewise, create this shape on the electronic board and switch to blue color. The blue icon is on the bricks in the safe. Create it in the electronic panel.

Now go to the ventilation hole next to the door. Click on the iron railing a few times using the crowbar and the exit will open. That's it, you left the room.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 1