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Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 2




Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 2, level 8, takes us to a room with complex devices and interesting mechanisms. A game where meaning and meaninglessness coexist.

How to play;

The main goal is to find the code that opens the door. The following description contains spoilers. This code is located on the table opposite the door. However, in order to see the code, you must first wipe the table with a cloth you found. You will also need 3 different pieces of wood to see the code. If you line up these pieces in a certain range, numbers will appear.

You will find a lamp among the pipes, and a bottle on the stairs and next to the door. In the other corner of the room, there is a yellow cloth on the glass tube, take it too. You will see red storage boxes on the wall. Take the machine key by opening the box on the left with the triangle symbol on it. Open the box on the coffee table in the other corner and take the mirror inside.

Place this mirror on the statue on the coffee table opposite. Look inside the lamp on the table and take the piece of wood there. Insert the bulb into the lamp. Press the lamp button under the table.

Go back to the storage boxes on the wall and open the boxes with the following icon; Arrow, heart, triangle (right), square, pentagon, triangle (left), semicircle (top), semicircle (middle). The bottom left box can now be opened; Take the piece of wood inside.

Go to the glass pipe in the opposite corner. Throw the bottles in. Go to the stand with the laser on it. Press the arrow keys that direct the laser as follows; 2 left, 5 right. Then direct the laser at the opposite mirror. Go to the stand with the statue and rotate the stand to raise it to the level of the laser. Then go to the stand with the mirror box on it and turn it to raise it to the laser level.

Go to the place with the pipe mechanism. You will see a blue panel. There will be 4 buttons on it. Create arrow icon with these buttons. Do this separately for each direction. Now you must use the green buttons on this console to deliver the baseball inside to the exit point at the bottom left. Then turn the steering wheel on the right side of the machine.

Now turn the valves of the pipes in the following order. Count from the bottom row from the left; Turn the second and third mains downwards. Turn the fifth to the left. Now turn the leftmost one in the row above to the left. When the ball reaches the open part of the pipe, take it from there.

There is a machine opposite the door. Throw the baseball into the basket behind the machine. Adjust the machine's power setting from left to right 5-3-4 and press the button. Pick up the ball that fell from the opposite wall. Open the ball and take the board that comes out.

Now go to the table and wipe the table with the yellow cloth. Place the pieces of wood on the table at intervals so that the clean parts of the table form the numbers 3-4-7-1. Now that you have access to the door codes, you are ready to leave. Open the door by entering this code in the password section next to the door. The door will open and you will move to a new room.


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Laqueus Escape 2: Chapter 2