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Crazy Farming


W,A,S,D or Left Mouse button: move
Q,E or Right Mouse button: rotate the camera
Mouse Wheel: zoom
Left Mouse button or Space or Right Ctrl: interact
Right Mouse button: item menu
C: craft menu
Esc: mouse cursor unlock


Crazy Farming is a virtual life simulation game that offers realistic gameplay dynamics. What would it be like to spend the whole day on the farm!

How to play;

You're about to see what's been done on the farm all day. You'll be working on the farm for a full day, 24 hours a day. You will have a small farm in the forest near the town. You can gather the resources you will need from the environment, trade from the shops in the town, raise cows and cultivate various plants by cultivating your field. The controls may seem a little confusing at first. So now I will tell you how to grow crop vegetables. First you must have a field; There is one ready in front of the house. You will need hoe to grow the field. You can buy tools in return by giving wood and stone from the craft list. Your current inventory will be listed at the bottom. Right click on the tool you want to use and Equip. Now you can create a field by clicking where you want with this hoe. First you will need the seeds. Go to the chest next to the house and click on it with your mouse. If there are no seeds in the drop-down list, you must buy them from the shop in town. Click with the right mouse button on the seed you want to plant from the list. There are Bean and Pumpkin seeds. There will be 3 options for the seed you click on; Choose Sow. Close the menu and go to the field in front of the house. You can sow seeds by clicking on the empty spaces in the field. Irrigation will be done after planting. Choose watering can as equipment. Right click on the water container from your inventory list while near the water well. Click Fill; so your water container will be full. Now go to the field and click on them once to water the plants. That's it, now your plants will grow and yield. Resume watering at various intervals. If you are tired, you can go home and sleep. Wake up the next day and collect the products. A long game, you can save it whenever you want and continue where you left off.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Crazy Farming