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Traffic Tour Car Racer


W,A,S,D or Arrow keys: drive
Shift: nitro
Esc: pause


The web version of the Traffic Tour Car Racer game also includes multiplayer racing stages, traffic free ride modes and mission sections.

How to play;

The game offers us unlimited money and gold hack version for a short time. In this 2023 version of the game for PC, you can buy the car you want right away. There are many sports cars in the gallery, choose the one you want and modify it in the garage to turn it into a super fast monster. The game graphics are quite sufficient for a simulation game and we can say that it is one of the most realistic car games. There are career, racing, freeride and various daily event modes. There are one-way and two-way highway options. You can drive at various times of the day, such as daytime, sunset and night. You can drive on highway, city, desert, rainy and snowy roads.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Traffic Tour Car Racer