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Master Chess Multiplayer




A beautiful chess game for one player against the computer, with 2 players and multiplayer options. Play the Master Chess Multiplayer game now.

How to play;

The arrow button on the left is for local play, the one on the right is multiplayer. When local is ed; It continues with the choice of two people or against the computer. Pawns, rooks, horses, elephants, viziers and shahs fight! Reflect your offensive and defensive strategy on your moves on the chessboard and take out your opponent's pieces. The rook can move left and right, horses can move in the shape of the letter L, elephants move diagonally, viziers can move as many as they like in any direction, and shahs can move one square in any direction. Pawns can move one square forward, while initially you can move two squares forward. We can move that stone out of play by moving in place of the opponent's stone. Pawns can take the pieces diagonally. The one who kicks the opponent's shah out of the game wins.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Master Chess Multiplayer