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Soldier of Homeland 2: Sahara


W,A,S,D: move
Right Mouse button: aim
Right + Left Mouse buttons: shot
R: reload
Space: jump
Shift: run
C: crouch
Q: roll
Esc: pause


Soldier of Homeland 2: Sahara is a realistic soldier game where we help them in their fight for freedom of a country occupied by the enemy army.

How to play;

A country in North Africa is suffering from drought and lack of water. People are facing difficulties in their lives. Officials from the neighboring country contact the officials of this African country and express their willingness to help. The officials of the African country try accept and it is decided that the Israelis will establish a base for research and work. In the beginning, the water problems get a little better, but after a while, various diseases spread in the country, including cancer and a type of deadly influenza. The situation in the country is very critical. People have realized that these diseases are due to Israeli experiments on them, but the authorities do nothing. A patriotic soldier decides to attack the enemy's base alone and destroy their laboratory and save the people of his country.


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Soldier of Homeland 2: Sahara