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Pirates Path of the Buccaneer


Mouse: Shot
Mouse button: speed up the ship by holding down the key


In Pirates Path of the Buccaneer game, pirate captains dominate the unsafe areas of the high seas, attacking merchant ships, looting and sinking them.

How to play;

When you see a ship nearby, act immediately and prepare to attack. Ships will target each other with their cannons. Whoever shoots faster and more accurately will damage the other ship more and more quickly. The firepower of the damaged ships will decrease and they will be unable to shoot with their cannons for a while. This time will either give the other ship a shot advantage or give it time to escape. Hit the enemy ship with accurate shots, destroying it completely and sinking it into the sea. Your warship will also face dangers on the seas. The enemy will fire the powder kegs and release them into the sea. You must advance without hitting them and prove that you are a fearless captain on the seas.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.

Original Name;

Pirates Path of the Buccaneer


Pirates Path of the Buccaneer