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Country War io




Country War io is a map-based online simulator game. Improve your strategy and conquer territories of rival countries. This is a World War 3 using atomic bombs.

How to play;

The lands you own will be displayed on the map in your own color. The number of soldiers will also be stated. If you recklessly attack an enemy stronger than you, the result will be disappointment. Some regions are neutral. However, you still need to defeat the resistance forces in order to occupy it. The strategies and tactics you can use are limited to the power of your mind. When two opponents weaken each other, this will often create a good opportunity to attack. Capturing weak areas first can also be a good tactic. The regions that can produce atomic bombs are the most strategic points. When you reach enough military power, you must make the right move and conquer the whole world.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Country War io