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Armed Attack


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse: shoot
R: reload
E: interact
Space: jump and parachute
Shift: run
Esc: pause


Armed Attack is a 3D shooting game where we run a security operation against terrorists in a small town located in a valley surrounded by mountains.

How to play;

The whole town has been taken over by terrorists and it is very dangerous to approach from the outside. There is a road that runs through the town and the only transportation is from here. The security forces are planning a sudden raid to surprise the terrorists. Air force will be used in the raid and you will be involved in the operation as the most trained commando of this team. You will be dropped off by helicopter close to the town. Open your parachute and start clashing with terrorists as soon as you land.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Armed Attack