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Rescue Rangers


Player 1
Arrow keys: move
Space: change

Player 2
W,A,S,D: move


Rescue Rangers is a 1 and 2 player game similar to Fireboy and Watergirl. Temples are dangerous and no mistake should be made to get out of there.

How to play;

Attention; If the arrow keys move the scroll, make it full screen. Gameplay is based on classic basic principles. Players collect all the jewels and the exit door becomes active. Then the door is reached by avoiding the traps. OK, that's all! In addition, minor features are also available. A certain time is defined to reach the exit. The sooner you complete it, the more star points you earn. Don't be too hasty though; You will have enough time; Being late is better than going back!


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Rescue Rangers