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Yukon Freecell




Sort the playing cards by icon. A classic card game in the Solitaire genre. Play the Yukon freecell game right here now.

How to play;

Freecell games basically have the same gameplay. There are 4 kinds of icons on the cards; It is called spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. We must place each card in the box with its own symbol in the right column. First we have to start with the ace and rank all the cards in turn, up to the king. At the bottom, some cards will be in a mixed order and face down. We can carry the cards here.This time from large to small. Here the cards should be lined up one red and one black. There are empty cells in the upper left. We can carry useless cards into these empty cells.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.


Yukon Freecell