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Monkey Mart


W,A,S,D or Arrow keys


Monkey Mart is a store management game where monkey and her friends set up a market place and sell the organic products they grow there.

How to play;

When opening the shop, you will be asked to place some stands that should be inside. Each stand and production area has a construction fee. You will be given a small amount of money to purchase the first units. Afterwards, you will be able to buy new stands with the income you get from your sales in the market. You have to go to the production areas to harvest the products and place them on the stands. When customers come, you must make the sales as a cashier. As the shop grows, you cannot keep up with all the work yourself. You can get things done by hiring assistant assistants.


It has HTML5 structure. It opens directly from the browser without the need for a plug-in.

Original Name;

Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart