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Funny Shooter 3: Horde Killer


W,A,S,D: move
Mouse: shot
Mouse Wheel or 1-5: change weapons
G: grenade
R: reload
Space: roll, jump and climb


Funny Shooter 3: Horde Killer is a third person shooter type game where we try to survive against a horde of zombies that have turned into orange glass men.

How to play;

There is no balance in this game; 100 zombies against you! Hungry zombies just want to smash and eat you, so wherever you run, the result will not change, they will follow you. That's why you never stand in one place for a long time to rest. So it will be a breathless chase and action. You will have rifles, pistols, automatic rifles and grenades. But ammo is limited; You must kill all the zombies before you run out of ammo. If you aim at the surrounding barrels filled with gasoline, they will explode. You can destroy multiple zombies at once by doing this while the zombies pass by the barrels. It will be a good training ground for shooters. It is also a game where you can have a lot of fun; because these zombies are as funny as they are scary.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Funny Shooter 3: Horde Killer