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Burnin Rubber Multiplayer


Arrow keys or W,A,S,D: drive
Space: nitro
Shift: drift
Double Shift: u-turn
Z,X or Mouse buttons: fire
F: special weapon
C: look behind
1-0: dialog hotkeys
Hold (`) : show dialog wheel
V: HUD toggle
Esc: pause


This formerly hugely popular game series is now available in an online version as Burnin Rubber Multiplayer. Clash in online car battles with classic gun cars.

How to play;

You can choose the car you want from the profile page. Of course, some cars come locked in the beginning. However, you can choose a fast sports car like the VIPER right away. Another vehicle is the BTONE truck; Its large body can be very effective in battle and you can damage other vehicles by crashing into them. You can understand which car has what kind of feature by looking at its levels in Speed, Armor and Turn graphics. The game offers us a huge open world. You can get armors, weapons and ammo by wandering around. A beautiful game that combines online mode and car driving is waiting for you.


Made with Unity WebGL. In supported browsers, the plug-in opens directly without asking.


Burnin Rubber Multiplayer